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10 Tips To Backing Greyhounds

Betting on greyhound racing is a hugely popular pastime in Australia with dozens of tracks across the country offering a wide range of punting options. Many people like to place their bets online using an internet based bookmaker, although for thousands of Aussies, an evening at the dog track is their preferred way to have a bet on greyhound racing.
Here are our top ten tips to profiting from a trip to the greyhounds.

1. Keep to your limit

When you arrive at the race track, you should have an idea of the maximum amount you are prepared to stake on the various races. Keep this limit in mind, and stick to it.

2. Plan your race meeting

Make sure that you plan your evening or afternoon’s betting. Examine all the races on the card and work out a careful betting strategy. Establish which races you are going to bet on and what sort of bets you plan to place.

3. You don’t have to bet

There may be races on the card which you decide to swerve. If there is a short-priced favourite that you can’t oppose, you might be better leaving that race alone. If there is no appealing bet in a particular race, leave that event alone and save your stake for later.

4. Look for value

When looking at the various greyhounds in a race, decide what odds you would be prepared to accept. If you are offered longer odds, then that’s where value lies. If there is plenty of value in a race, don’t be scared to back more than one runner.

5. Study the form carefully

Examining the form, age and previous racing history of the various greyhounds will be crucial to your success. Look for dogs with a good pedigree, a decent win percentage and don’t forget to examine their recent times over similar distances. Also take into account their starting box.

6. Find the best odds

Prices frequently fluctuate between the on course bookies before races. Make sure you seek out the best value.

7. Stick to your guns...

Try not to be swayed from your betting plans once you reach the track. Don’t be tempted to change your mind after chatting to a bookmaker or a fellow punter. Stick with the courage of your own convictions.

8. ...but be flexible

If the odds are too short for your chosen selection, or the draw doesn’t suit a dog, be prepared to seek out value elsewhere. Whilst you should believe in your own choices, don’t be stubborn and refuse to change them if conditions demand.
9. Stay calm
When betting, it is easy to increase your stakes when you are on a run of winners or to chase losses. Stay in control of your bets and remember that there will be plenty more opportunities in future to profit.
10. Have fun
Greyhound racing is enjoyable. Keep your sense of humour and your composure, as having fun will help you get the most out of your greyhound betting.

10 Popular Greyhound Racing Bets

Betting on greyhounds is one of the most popular punting pastimes in Australia. There is now a wide range of different types of bet available, from simple win bets to more complicated place and double bets. Many of these bets are easier to understand than they appear, and here are ten of the most popular ways to bet on the dogs.

A Win bet requires you to pick the winner of a certain race. If your selection wins, you win.

A Place bet will pay if your greyhound comes in first or second (depending on the number of dogs in the race).

Each Way
An Each Way bet is a combination of a win bet and a place bet. It is effectively two equal bets – one on a win and one on a place.
If your selection wins the race you win both the win and place dividend. If your selection is placed, you win the place dividend only.

A Quinella bet is where you choose two greyhounds in a given race. To win, your two selections have to finish in the first two places in the race. Your chosen two runners can come first and second in any order.

Box Quinella
A Boxed Quinella is the same as above, but you might choose more than two dogs in a particular race. For example, you may make three selections and as long as two of these finish in the first two places, you will win.

An Exacta is similar to a Quinella in so much as you make two selections in a particular race. However, your chosen two runners must come first and second in the order that you specify.

A Trifecta bet requires you to pick the first three finishers in a race, and you must pick the runners in the correct order.

Mystery Trifecta
A good introduction to Trifectas is a Mystery Trifecta. This is where the TOTE computer will pick three runners in a race for you. The first selection will be amongst the five most favoured runners in the race and the other two are random.

Running Double
A Running Double bet requires you to select the winner of two consecutive greyhound races at one race meeting. For example, at a meeting at Wentworth Park you may have the option of a Running Double on Races 1 and 2, Races 2 and 3, Races 3 and 4, and so on.

On selected greyhound meetings covered by The TOTE, they will pick four races which you can bet as Quadrellas.
To win a Quadrella bet, you need to pick the winners of all four of the nominated races.


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